Network & Hostees

This is the network page that provides you with an overview of the Frozen-Wings website. The following is a list of some network-related pages.

The following are all of my websites hosted under Frozen-Wings.NET and are currently up and running. Please feel free to visit these as they are the pride of the network. To view the information and the link to the site, click on the corresponding images below.

CardCaptor Studio
Type: Anime & Manga Fansite
Site URL:
Information: An anime fansite dedicated to the anime series Cardcaptor Sakura. It is one of the largest online CCS fansite. The site offers series information, character profiles, manga translations, image galleries, MP3s, anime episode downloads, music videos, video clips, a fanfiction archive, free graphics, and more.

Type: Anime & Manga Fansite
Site URL:
Information: A fansite dedicated to the love triangle of Kyo, Tohru, and Yuki from Fruits Basket. The site contains an indepth love analysis of each couple, an image gallery and wallpapers. Itsumo is Japanese, which translates to 'always' or 'forever'.

Type: Archive
Site URL:
Information: A layout archive showcasing past designs of all my sites. Kiseki is Japanese romanji and translates to 'miracle'.

Type: Personal Blog
Site URL:
Information: Formerly known as Illusions. Misunderstood is now a combination of my blog and personal webpage providing a deeper understanding of who I am. The past, the present, and the future. The site also hosts my personal photo gallery, and a list of the fanlistings I am a member of.

The following is subdomains that are hosted under Frozen-Wings.NET. They are all very lovely and I am extremely happy to have them these hostees as part of the network. Please take a look at all of their websites. Hosting is still open!